Islamic Terror vs the West

Day 42 of the war in Gaza

The war in Gaza is nothing like any war ever seen before. It is much more serious than the wars fought in Ireland and in many ways a situation that will influence and shape and the future of the entire Western world. It is critical to make the distinction between Nazism and our current situation. While there are parallels that one assumes, this is far more global than anything else in world history.

For a start, Syrian refugees and others who have fled Africa and the middle east have swarmed into the West in abundance - mostly into Europe. It has shifted the balance in society in many countries in Europe, as we well know. But now we see furthermore a breakdown in moral structures. When video clips come with a critical warning for viewers, one can assume this is dangerous for mental health reasons.

The Ukrainian war can sadly be seen as the 1st war taking place live on social media. I see it as a war that began the deep moral breakdown in Western society. The rest of the world watched without taking to the streets. We watched the slaughters and the suffering of innocent people. Before the Russia - Ukrainian war the West seemed even more unconcerned with war crimes that took place in Communist / African / Asian / Middle Eastern countries, namely Syria, Serbia, Bosnia, Uganda and sadly many many others.

Now in Gaza we have a combination of:

- Shockingly violent and inhuman fast spreading traffic footage.

- Extreme terrorism that is not represented by one specific government.

- Terrorism that is and will cross continents.

- Deep newly founded roots in the West from vast immigration from poor countries with no human rights.

- Fundamental Islam exploited as its base and spreading through large Islamic populations in the West.

- The psychological aftereffects of the Corona virus where we started witnessing a further breakdown of trust between citizens in many countries and their leading governments. Conspiration theories that arose...

If all this isn't enough, we have the added anti-American sentiments resulting from American history fraught with mistakes: the length of and losses in Vietnam and the Gulf war, the cruelty of Hiroshima, the Clinton - Monica cigar fiasco, the traumatic Twin Towers' and culminating with Trump's (sad) "legacy" or lack thereof morals or decency.

We can see America, Israel and one could add the Ukraine as allies vs many of the extreme Islamic countries headed by Iran together with Russia and China.

Just as it was not over this past year in Israel about Right vs Left, it is now not about Israel vs Palestine. We were demonstrating for freedom. Democracy.Freedom of choice in our way of life. Or Fundamental Judaism vs Jewish homeland.Now and since 7.10, it is a global war between Fundamental Islam vs The Western World!

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