The Napoleon Hill Musiclounge celebrates its 7th season

For a musician there is nothing like a stage and an audience to nurture progress! For years I rented venues but felt this wasn't exactly to my liking, until I got the idea of tuning our home in to a music lounge. Thankfully, my loving husband was all for the idea from the very start. We searched for the right apt and worked with an architect to design a space we could live in as well as adapt every now and then for a performance. It all worked out beautifully, and audiences came to indulge in musical events which took place in a relaxed atmosphere of a home, replacing the stiffness I felt in any hall as well as the high rental costs of venues. After our first season I concluded that the best part of having my own venue was its flexibility. I was free to choose any theme and to decorate my lounge accordingly. In each of my performances you will find that the artworks, food, drinks and even the printed material for the audience is matched with the theme of the event. The evenings change from events on Japan, Ireland and Greece to political debates, fundraisers and varies children's activities that often take place in our downstairs garden.

This June will be ending our 7th season in "The Napoleon Hill Musiclounge". Every year I seem to do more types of shows and activities, and this year, due to the painful war against Hamas in the South and Hizballah in the North, I am also hosting art fairs for creative artists from Israel's boarders who are all struggling to make ends meet. I invited you to join our musiclounge community on whatsap by clicking on the orange button below.

In this past 7th season we hosted two art fairs and several evening of political debates where Israelis could come and openly discuss opposing political views. We have had people from various religious backgrounds as well as settlers who were quite astonished to find out more about how some people feel in central Israel. You can find more information on those meeting on my blog. Write to me if you experience any problem. Below you can view a clip highlighting some of our activities.

תזכורת לכמה מתוך שלל האירועים שהפקנו בשבע העונות של הסלון מול גבעת נפוליאון

Our shows and events get updated all the time! Click here to see the latest events, and you can choose to receive updates in your email: The Napoleon Hill Musiclounge

See you in The Napoleon Hill Musiclounge! Tamar Melzer Krymolowski

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