Life in the USA 20 years ago, and a day after the Texas shooting

17 years ago, I gave back my green card and chose to raise my daughter in Israel.

  • The huge and hard to grasp size of the U.S.
  • The vast differences in outlook on life between the States.
  • Extreme religious movements and in the strong role of the church.
  • Growing loneliness in addition to a lack of wanting kids which is prevalent among people with higher education.
  • The worrisome ability of a person to change their identity and start again after fleeing a State.
  • Increasingly high rate of divorce and the destruction of the family cell.
  • The ratrace and tough competition in almost every field but racing to retirement.
  • College and university fees and burden of loans on life.
  • Alcoholism and amount of homeless people on the streets who are UNDER 30!
  • The violence at schools as well as low the level of education in public school vs private schools and colleges.
  • The non-existent freedom of speech at school on the three subjects: Sex, religion, and politics.
  • The hypocrisy between no swear words around kids...TV's with a beep to tune out swear words (!) vs the prevalent use of swear words and violent vocab all day.

And when I came back to Israel as a single mom with no money and holding my 7-month-old beautiful daughter - after 14 years of not living in Israel - I had almost nothing but knew I had made the right choice. Most Israelis thought I was literally crazy to have left behind my green card and "The country of endless opportunities".

In January 2022 I published my book "The Tune of Life". I have MUCH to say and to GIVE to this world and especially to children. If we want this to be a better place, we need to start now. The events of last night where 21 innocent young children are dead is intolerable and should be a wakeup call for all of us - not just for Americans. For humanity. Whatever the reason for the shooting - it is our responsibility as a society to check ourselves. I am 100% sure that one of those words I wrote on the right side of the picture, or all of those words, are the reason. This is the time for self reflection on "Why are we here?" and "Where are we going?"

The inspiring artwork in my book was made by Czech artist Hana Auerova - and are two women from completely different cultures and places but who want the best for this world and society! I believe that music and the power of my book "The Tune of Life" has come exactly at the right moment. Start from this minute and ask yourselves those two questions: Why are we here and where do we want to get to?   

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