A Musical Dialogue

An meaningful cultural evening with a musical collaboration between Arabs and Jews

While Ukrainians are facing a shocking blood shed war under Putin's cruel leadership, many Russians are also evaluating their future and assessing their options. Some are quick to compare between the Ukraine-Russia conflict to ours in Israel, but there can be no true comparison. This week I attended a very special musical concert where two orchestras played together: The Tel Aviv-Jaffa music center orchestra and the Arab Jewish orchestra. The result was no short of a miraculous beauty of musical tastes and gave a glimpse of hope for our future. Here is a snippet from the song "Ghannili shway shway" performed with conductor Nizar Elkather and singer Akram Odeh. Odeh's vocal skills were mesmerizing and captivating, filled with many colors. I hope to upload some more clips from this wonderful event.

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