Open your eyes and ears and start giving more of yourself to your society

You can never know who is standing right next to you.

You can never quite be sure of who you are talking to.

Today is Tuesday.

Last Saturday I realized I just have to get rid of the huge trampoline in our yard. Our daughters have grown up already, and for the past two years or so it's mostly used as a sun bath for the cats in our neighborhood. I'd love to instead put there a cozy bench for reading and sipping some cool wine in the garden. I made up my mind to give it away to a family with younger children, and I sat down immediately to write a note about that on our neighborhood whatsapp group. Within five minutes I had six candidates all excited and ready to grab the trampoline. The first introduced herself as a grandmother with two grand daughters. the second family were exactly on an excursion in a forest near Jerusalem, and the third turned out to be my next door neighbor and my yoga teacher. I began telling the other enquirers that chances are slim at this point for getting the wonderful trampoline and said I'd be in touch with them if anything changes...I'll cut the story short now: the grandmother didn't end up taking the trampoline but I earned myself a good friend. It just so turned out that her son worked as the head of the Development department of a very prestigious design company, and might start helping me in my long term goals for my book. I was thrilled to make this acquaintance. If you are wondering who did take the trampoline? It was the family that was out on the excursion. They turned out to be neighbors very nearby me, and it was easy for them, to move the huge trampoline over to their garden. And as for my yoga teacher neighbor, she very much wanted the trampoline, but had not a big enough garden for it to fit into...

On the following day - Sunday - I taught flute lessons just as I always do. Only one of my students arrived with her grandfather instead of her father who usually brought her over for lessons. The old man was so delightful and watched the lesson with utter delight. At the lesson ended I asked him about his occupation and one thing led to another until he mentioned that his best friend and neighbor builds telescopes as a hobby. We immediately exchanged phone numbers - I was very excited to do so as my husband has a second degree in Astronomy and he and our 13 year old daughter are avid Astronomy fans. I am sure we will soon be paying a visit to the telescope builder!

On Monday I drove out to do my usual grocery shopping. I often listen to radio when driving, and most often I tune into an excellent station with interesting discussions on culture and science. I listened to the commentator talking to a young Israeli actress and artist who was describing the moment when her career took off. I quickly felt that I could truly identify with the actress, and as soon as I could I found her name on FB. I have a feeling this woman will be of great help somewhere along the line in my future...

Today is Tuesday, and the day has just begun! I urge you to open your eyes and ears and start discovering treasures. Be inquisitive and curious...treasures are waiting to be found. Those are exactly the TUNES OF LIFE that I write about in my book - they are waiting for you to listen to them! The Tune of LifeYou are also welcome to click here for details on shows I have produced for my music lounge The Napoleon Hill Musiclounge

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