The Tune of Life Workshops - Gefen Database 2022

I am excited that the Israel Ministry of Education has included my series of 12 workshop in a new database resource for schools in this coming school year. This is an excellent step aimed at bringing fresh ideas and teachers into an educational system that is facing many challenges in recent years. The Tune of Life workshops are based on my experience of over 30 years of teaching music and the flute. The workshops will give children skills that some of us have not yet achieved in our adulthood. There are 12 workshops in total, and each is taught in groups of 20 children. In the first workshops I will teach how we can achieve efficient breathing. You might be surprised to know that about 80 percent of us breath inadequately. Most of us are not using our lungs to their fullest capacity resulting in fatigue, concentration problems as well as tension and others. Please read more below in an article I have included here. As a young flute student, I learnt to breath correctly when I was about 10 years old. This was a pure gift that I had received since I suffered from asthma since the age of 6. Thanks to my breathing correctly and playing the flute, my lungs expanded and I could relax much more easily during asthma attacks.

The Tune of Life workshops are based on my book titled "The Tune of Life". "Breathing" is just one of the many subjects I will be teaching in the workshops. The course is intended to give children a deeper understanding of themselves and to equip them with tools to successfully lead their lives. The workshops include discussions that will lead each child to recognize and explore aspects of their own personality, aspirations, dreams and more. The workshops include listening, imagining and being active through a fun and inspiring learning process.

Please press the button below for a link to the Gefen database and to The Tune of Life Workshops. Each school can order the workshop for its students, and all costs will be covered fully by the Israel Ministry of Education. The workshops are intended for children ages 10-13 in central Israel, but I hope to train teachers and musicians to lead these workshops all over the country. I believe that the skills children will learn through my workshops can help fight against depression, ADHD, listening and comprehension problems as well as various emotional disorders. The workshops are targeted to build up a child's confidence in his or her own abilities, stimulate their curiosity, their concentration and listening abilities as well as strengthening their decision making skills. All this is imperative considering our realities have become increasingly filled with endless and often confusing possibilities. I would like to thank the decision makers at the Israel Ministry of Education for giving me this opportunity to influence Israel's future generation. Our children deserve sensitivity to their needs and a high level of pedagogy.

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