A Meaningful Gift: The Book "A Tune of Life"

A work of art from beginning to end, the book "A Tune of Life" opens an imaginary world to the young reader as well as to adults. Each of the 32 ideas or steps in the book leads to a clearer understanding of life and gives the reader tools to cope with challenges and change. The book can be read as a meditation with children before bed time and will no doubt open a fruitful conversation between the child and parent on many subjects we face in life. The book has music to enhance the readers' understanding - music links will be forwarded to all buyers in several weeks time. "A Tune of Life" is now available in Hebrew and Arabic - each page has both the languages. Soon in English, Czech, French and Japanese.

Cost: $40 (the book is not available elsewhere)

For purchases click https://flute.co.il/the-tune-of-life or send a BIT payment 

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