Does the world belong to YOUNG lovers?

I have never identified with that statement - not as a young woman and not today. The sentence is taken from a popular Israeli song and I must admit it even annoyed me in some sense: The world BELONGS to the young? And who do the animals and plants belong to? also the young? I have always enjoyed meeting new people, and age was never a factor for me. I had many friends while growing up in Israel, and I met many people during the the 14 years I spent abroad. I have met young people who seemed old to me and vice versa. I think the more accurate statement one can make is that "The virtual world belongs to the young". Reality, literature and writing belong perhaps to the young and the old but mostly to the old. Increasing numbers of young people prefer to live in a virtual world where they be anyone and anything. Many hardly write a message without using at least four emoji and a minimum number of words or letters per word.

Those are exactly the reasons for me to move forward constantly. I have published a book called "The Tune of Life" which I intend to develop via four different means of communication. Two of which are finished; the third is almost finished and the fourth is the most challenging and could take me up to two years from now. I might start a fund to raise money for its intricate development.

I am drawn to technology and to progress. My IDF service certainly contributed to that as through my service I was taught various technologies that were not yet in civil use. While the world began facing the corona pandemic, I opened the VFA: Virtual flute academy. I wanted students worldwide to be able to learn my flute playing techniques and philosophy. For four years I have been producing shows for my music lounge, and the performances can also be viewed on-line. At a later stage I will add translation and better video quality to these fascinating music shows.

I make sure to enjoy life, and I especially love sharing my thoughts on living with others. I am happy to see people bettering their lives, and I want to help build our society and to give strength to our children. I intend to donate all the proceeds from my book sales to benefit children worldwide, especially in the field of children's education. Our children are our future!

In the clip: My flute ensemble at the Givatayim conservatory playing a six voice transcription of "País Tropical" written by Udi Wahrsager

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