Thursday, June 9 at 19:30 at The Napoleon Hill Musiclounge

A Celebration of Japanese Culture: A cultural presentation depicting aspects of Japanese life and history. A musical program of folksongs and tunes telling the stories of the seasons and Japanese traditional customs including songs such as Saitaro Bushi, Itsuki No Komoriuta, Jogashima No Ame, Sukura, Sakura, among others. The first musical-lecture to be presented at the Japanese embassy in Tel Aviv as part of a Friday lecture series. The event was performed at the Japanese embassy on the 27th of December 2019 and premiered at the Napoleon Hill Musiclounge on the 21st of September 2019.

The presentation includes a collection of musical interludes by singer, conductor and narrator Idit Krymolowski-Shopen, flautist Tamar Melzer Krymolowski, and pianist Ofra Simon-Fortis. Ms. Krymolowski-Shopen’s vivid explanations guide the audience through a rich and entertaining program filled with splendid and meaningful subjects, including accounts from her own personal experience having lived in Japan in 2014-2017.

Tickets: 100 NIS including drinks and refreshments


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