Where the inner soul and imagination meet: journey into your soul with flutist, writer and creator Tamar Melzer Krymolowski


Through music we can enter any culture and any time in history. While many talented performers have now been forced to find jobs that are not in the arts, I strive to make my musiclounge an island in cyberspace for culture worldwide. $500 per month will allow me to produce a show monthly. If I can raise more than that, I will be able to add more cameras and hire a professional filming crew. But first I aim to have the money to pay the talented performers who dedicate themselves to my projects.

*The Napoleon Hill Musiclounge was founded in 2018 and is situated in Ramat Gan, Israel, overlooking the Napoleon hill where the armies of Napoleon arrived in the 18th century. Flutist Tamar Melzer Krymolowski and her husband opened the lounge as a meeting place for artists and musicians to present thought-provoking shows in an intimate setting, as was the tradition in Ancient Greece or in the Salons of Europe in the 1920’s. The covid-19 virus spurred further virtual artistic collaborations in the lounge, and musicians and artists from three continents have begun working closely with Tamar on exciting and varied projects. While large performance venues are sadly closing or re-thinking their goals, the Napoleon Hill Musiclounge represents the future of culture in a society currently in turmoil and change. The lounge is a platform of expression for musicians and artists of all races and nationalities. Working with leading professionals, academics and philosophers, music is upheld in our lounge as the height of artistic expression in humanity. The programs are produced by Tamar and are a means of exploring various cultures as well as re-defining the role culture serves in our current society.


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